Benefits of Choosing a Scooter Versus a Car for your First Vehicle

There is a growing trend amongst the youth, to purchase a scooter/moped rather than a car, for their first vehicle once getting their licence.  Here we examine some of the benefits of choosing a scooter.

You Can Drive a Scooter on Your Car Licence

This makes it easy and fast for teens to get their freedom as you can ride a scooter once you have a driver licence in New Zealand.

Cheaper Option

Purchasing a scooter rather than a car, for your first vehicle is often a cheaper option, therefore saving you money.  Not only are they typically cheaper initially to purchase, but the running costs are cheaper too.  Also, what a number of teens seem to be doing is purchasing a moped as their first vehicle, gaining their freedom quickly, while they start saving to then purchase a car they really want.

Fuel Efficient

Due to its small engine, the fact it has two wheels not four and its ability to navigate through traffic, means a scooter is a fuel-efficient option.

Easy to Handle

Scooters are easy to handle and their lightweight frame means they are nimble and easy to move around traffic. They are also surprisingly comfortable! And given you sit in an upright position, like sitting on a chair, it makes riding quite easy for newbies. Also, given a moped cannot exceed 50cc you reduce the risk of new drivers speeding. 

Parking is a Breeze

Parking for vehicles is often a hassle especially in busy cities or congested areas; having a scooter that takes up much less space than a car can work in your favour! 

Better for the Environment

Scooters are small with efficient engines and burn far less fuel than a car doing the same journey, making them a more eco-friendly choice. Plus, due to their manoeuvrability, you won’t get stuck in traffic as much, or for as long, therefore reducing the amount of C02 you are omitting while stationary.

Saves Space

Obviously, a scooter is much smaller than a car so takes up less space. While this is great for parking when you are out and about it’s also a benefit at home, especially if your household already has one or two vehicles.

At MAKZ GEAR one of our most popular scooters, which provides all the benefits we have highlighted, is the Suzuki UZ50 ($2,850+ORC). Suzuki’s reliability and reputation for quality will allow you to get where you want to go, easily. See here for more details.

If you would like to discuss further whether a scooter, like the Suzuki UZ50, would be ideal for your child as their first vehicle, please get in touch!