Start the Kids Early, with KTM's New Electric Balance Bikes!

Get those first wheels rolling with KTM's factory replica StacyC electric balance bikes available from MAKZ GEAR, Tauranga.

In recent years, balance bikes have grown in popularity as a great way for teaching young children to ride a bike. KTM takes this further by adding electric power, which makes these bikes ideal for an entry-level platform for those young, potential motocrossers!

The bikes are practical, versatile and kids will love the excitement of power-assisted speed and the raw instincts of motorcycling, these bikes provide.

KTM offers these bikes in both 12-inch wheels and 16-inch wheels, and they definitely look the part with colours and graphics inspired by the KTM factory machines!

What is StacyC and What Benefits Does This Provide?

A StacyC stability cycle is an electric balance bike designed to speed up your child's transition to a BMX bike or dirt bike.  While KTM's factory replica StacyC provides great fun, it also makes it easier for the young rider to improve their balance and discover the basics of bars, wheels and torgue at their own pace. 

They will improve their bike handling skills and as they do, they can adjust the power setting modes from Low/Training Mode to Medium/Transition to High/Advanced Mode. The higher the setting, the greater the speed with a top speed of 14 km/h for the 12-inch model and 21 km/h for the 16-inch model.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly young riders’ confidence can grow when they are learning to ride and not having to worry about pedalling at the same time! And because they can reach the ground comfortably, you don’t need training wheels and the ultra-low seat height option allows them to learn to 'dab' their foot easily when off balance.

Key Features

The bikes come with a number of key features including:

Twist Throttle - this is an important feature to help transition the young kids into riding dirt bikes. There is no push button for on or off, but rather a twist throttle which allows the young rider to manage power output.

Light Weight - the bikes are light weight which means they are easy to pick up, manage and transport - the bikes will fit in the back of your car!

Tapered Foot Rests - to ensure the bike supports proper bike riding skills, the tapered foot rests provide ergonomic placement for proper body and foot positioning when standing.

Models, Ages & Prices

KTM offer two models targeted at different age riders who are not yet big enough or confident enough, to ride the electric motocross models. The entry level model 12eDrive is suitable for riders 3 to 5 years of age, has 12-inch wheels, and is priced at $1,259. The second model which is the next step up, is targeted at young riders between 4 and 8 years of age and has 16-inch wheels and is priced at $1,660.

MAKZ GEAR have both models in stock and with Christmas fast approaching, they would make a perfect gift for your budding potential motocrosser.

If you'd like to learn more pop into store, our friendly team will answer any questions you have and you can check out the awesome bikes for yourself!