Suzuki’s 2022 RM-Z250 is a Formidable Competitor!

The Suzuki 2022 RM-Z250 benefits from the Suzuki’s ‘Run, Turn, and Stop’ philosophy and the factory engineers have made this bike ready for battle! It’s agile, sleek, has a versatile engine, responsive chassis that delivers superior performance and has a race-ready appearance.

The RM-Z250 has a reputation for its great handling on the track and its engine delivers strong, usable power through the entire rev-range.

The twin-spar aluminium frame and hydro-formed swingarm carry a KYB-supplied suspension that includes a coil spring fork and a shock with four-way damping force adjustment. Strong brakes and ergonomically shaped bodywork help keep the rider in control as the RM-Z250 carves up the racetrack.


This bike boasts a number of performance features including outstanding engine performance, great cornering performance and controlled braking performance. It also has aggressive new styling from the championship-calibre RM-Z450 and the narrow cockpit lets the rider move with ease for maximum racing performance. And rider-friendly tuning is achieved by fuel couplers that make tuning quick and easy…what’s not to love!


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